Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Classic paintings viewed "in 3D"

Thanks to amazing computer technology, these classic paintings of the Old Masters have been extruded in 3D, allowing us to view them from all angles.

Check it out:

Okay, so it's a spoof and an advert for Samsung's 3D TV sets. The product it's advertising is dumb (more on that below.) But it's well done, both the visual work and the humour.

A digression about 3D TV and films:

I think the idea of "3D" television is dumb - forcing you to wear those annoying glasses at home on your couch, and forcing you to sit at a specific spot in order to see the effects.
Until we can watch 3D television without glasses and with a wider viewing angle, and until the equipment is cheaper (a hundred bucks for the glasses? really?) I'm not interested.

Actually I'm getting tired of every action or fantasy movie being released in 3D. Not that I don't like the tech ; I was excited about Avatar long before it was released, because it was filmed specifically for that effect.
Not so with this recent spew of patched-up movies. Clash of the Titans and Alice in Wonderland have no reason to make me pay extra and wear glasses. The 3D was seldom present and badly implemented.

So I think this advertisement, spoof aside, is promising more than it will deliver. But it's still a fun video.

(Video found via Gizmodo via b3ta via The Daily What)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Counter-Strike de_dust 2 Arabic graffiti

Playing a round of Counter-Strike: Source in the map "de_dust2" for the first time, I noticed some Arabic writing on the walls. I'm used by now to seeing Arabic language mangled in its portrayals in popular media. So I tried to read what was written:

See... Ass... Source? Oh, C-S: Source! I guess they went with phonetics. And then "bahaleh". I don't know what that is. Maybe it's Farsi rather than Arabic.

Then I saw another scribble:

"Freeman Inja Bood." Maybe a botched "in tha hood" ? Gordon Freeman is the main character of the original game.

Then this:

Fr... Frakat... Fragtastic!

The next one is just random letters:

I mean Arabic letters don't even join up like this.

Gee, I wonder which dictator this is (was)?

Do you have any examples of your first language being distorted in movies or games?