Saturday, April 10, 2010

Counter-Strike de_dust 2 Arabic graffiti

Playing a round of Counter-Strike: Source in the map "de_dust2" for the first time, I noticed some Arabic writing on the walls. I'm used by now to seeing Arabic language mangled in its portrayals in popular media. So I tried to read what was written:

See... Ass... Source? Oh, C-S: Source! I guess they went with phonetics. And then "bahaleh". I don't know what that is. Maybe it's Farsi rather than Arabic.

Then I saw another scribble:

"Freeman Inja Bood." Maybe a botched "in tha hood" ? Gordon Freeman is the main character of the original game.

Then this:

Fr... Frakat... Fragtastic!

The next one is just random letters:

I mean Arabic letters don't even join up like this.

Gee, I wonder which dictator this is (was)?

Do you have any examples of your first language being distorted in movies or games?

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Dagbjört said...

Uuuh, yes, there was this stragety game I played once, it sucked, but you could be vikings and they spoke in VERY mangled icelandic. It was actually kind of hilarious :P

Anonymous said...

it's farsi, not arabic. "bahaleh" means "is fun" and "inja bood" means, "was here"

Bassem B. said...

Thanks, Anonymous!

Anonymous said...

Thank god! I have my texture level low so I can't read that. I'm glad it's not anti-muslim agenda

Anonymous said...

There was an Eminem Music video which showed random "Arabic" words.... funny part they were not Arabic at all, they were random " Hindi " letters with no meaning what so ever :p